Gentle Giant Brooklyn Supports Virtual Brooklyn Pride Week

Gentle Giant Brooklyn Supports Virtual Brooklyn Pride Week

As social distancing measures continue to be enforced in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, events of all sizes have been rescheduled and forced to restructure. In particular, annual LGBTQIA+ Pride parades across the country have been strategizing how to continue this special event of solidarity and celebration for members of the community and their allies.

In Brooklyn and in many other cities, permits for large events have been withdrawn. Event organizers are still finding ways to produce activities of celebration for the community during Pride Week.

The Brooklyn Pride team usually hosts a 5K Run during their Pride Week, and they will still be hosting this race virtually for those who have signed up. All registrants will receive their race bib, a t-shirt and medal by mail. After running 5K at their convenience, they will email proof of their race time to the Brooklyn Pride team within a week of June 13th. The staff will publish race times online and any photos submitted by participants, and they are still expecting the virtual event to reach their 500-registrant capacity.

On the same evening as the virtual race, there will be a virtual celebration at 7:30 p.m. for all to celebrate and enjoy, featuring entertainment, dancing and more, all from the comfort of your own home. The Brooklyn Pride team will be sending out their annual Pride Guide to those who are part of the Brooklyn Pride community, and the guide will also be available on the Brooklyn Pride website. It will have photos, articles, sponsor logos and even a crossword puzzle.

Over the last three years, Gentle Giant Brooklyn movers have been part of the Brooklyn Pride family as a sponsor. Our Brooklyn Giants oversee an informational booth during the day and participate in the parade in the evening. It brings us great joy to support the LGBTQIA+ community, in Brooklyn and beyond.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we are able to participate in Pride Week, but nevertheless, our support continues. We are honored and proud to have our logo featured on the 5K Run t-shirts and within the Pride Guide as we stand in solidarity with the Brooklyn Pride community!