Meet the Giants: Safety Manager Tim Inman

Tim Inman is a Giant with moving in his soul. Born into a family of movers, he became a master of the art of relocation at an early age. Tim worked closely with his father and brother Pat Inman at their family owned moving company, starting in 1984. After they sold the business in 1997, Gentle Giant jumped at the chance to recruit these master movers.

Tim was immediately impressed by how smoothly a local and long distance moving company functioned every day. Additionally, he felt that “the teamwork the movers displayed, as well as Gentle Giant’s commitment to individual growth” truly separated them from every other moving company throughout his career in the industry.

In his early days at Gentle Giant Boston, Tim recalls a day where his crew was tasked with moving a difficult piece on a job.

“I never knew they made an Olympic-sized Jacuzzi!” he said. “At first, I wasn’t even sure it was possible to move, but the experienced crew I was with thought nothing of it. We wound up putting it on its side on a dolly, moving it carefully over a trail of Masonite to the truck. At that moment, I knew I was working at a company of talented people that never shy away from a challenge.”

After having several situations such as this, Tim felt that GG was a place where he could start a career. According to Tim, it boiled down to “the people I was working with, the pride I felt after a job well done, the advancement opportunities and the company culture.”

Throughout his career at Gentle Giant, Tim has managed several branch offices throughout Massachusetts. Before his role as Safety Manager, he served as the Southern New England Regional Manager. This role allowed him to mentor up-and-coming managers looking to seize opportunities with Gentle Giant, in New England and across the country.

By joining the company in the late 90’s, Tim has been able to witness and support the tremendous growth Gentle Giant has undergone over the years. He feels that secret to the company’s success has always been “absolute commitment to customer service and having co-workers that expect the best from you, every day.”

To this day, Tim is always on the lookout for new talent that can positively impact the Gentle Giant team and has personally recruited many of GG’s top movers. However, before these recruits come in for an interview, Tim is always gives them a realistic idea of what working at Gentle Giant is really like. He understands that other moving companies do not expect their movers to run, be on time, live a healthy lifestyle and be a consummate professional.

Tim lives in Medford, MA and loves his four children, hiking, ATVs and the Boston Bruins.