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Gentle Giant Employees Reflect on 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

Gentle Giant Employees Reflect on 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

As another year begins, many people will be sitting down to set forth their goals for the coming months. While resolutions vary between individuals, there are often common threads tying them all together: health and wellness, new experiences and improved relationships. We all hope to improve ourselves in some way.

At Gentle Giant, we like to highlight healthy resolutions and help our employees reach them. Here are five of the most common New Year’s resolutions and how we plan to continue down a path of self-improvement:

  1. Exercise more and lose weight— Whether it is lifting more weight or dropping the pounds, most New Year’s resolution lists include a nod to getting fit. With an extensive gym in our headquarters, frequent trips to Harvard Stadium, and gym membership reimbursement, we make a point to help all employees find their best path to good health. After all, we are a company whose success is based on the fitness of our employees, both body and mind.
  2. Prioritize personal well-being and stress management— Chronic stress can have long-term physical and psychological impact. To address the inherent stressors that occur with managing a work-life balance, Gentle Giant offers monthly meditation sessions, a flexible schedule, quarterly acupuncture and 24/7 access to a robust employee assistance program. We also have a clear job ladder to offer transparency in how to move ahead in your career.
  3. Spend more time with family and friends— Employee surveys show that the number one reason people choose to work and stay at Gentle Giant are the people they work with. The company atmosphere is one of a close knit, team-oriented group, where coworkers often feel like family and old friends. It is an opportunity to work alongside like-minded people you enjoy every day, keeping positive relationships at the forefront.
  4. Travel more— There is no better way to learn the ins and outs of a city than from the cab of a moving truck. Gentle Giant movers are in a new house, neighborhood, and town almost every day and get the opportunity to try the best lunch spots and take a break in the wonderful city parks in the area. With a long-distance moving branch of the business, there are also excellent opportunities to travel throughout the country.
  5. Get organized— Hoping to bring a little order to your life and maybe sort through some of those closets and drawers you never touch? There is nothing better than professional moving to learn how to get your life organized and reevaluate what “things” you need and what you could pass on. Plus, you will always be the go-to friend when someone you know is moving.

Among the resolutions above, if you added “Get a New Job’ to your 2018 list, head to our Careers page and join our team of movers and shakers!