Watching Our Gentle Giant Family Grow Over the Years

Watching Our Gentle Giant Family Grow Over the Years

Three years ago, one of our current Gentle Giant managers had just relocated to Boston to start an exciting new phase of her life. This former Yale rower received help moving from her father, a former Northeastern rower. As the family drove the streets of Somerville to her new apartment, he pointed out the Gentle Giant Moving Company warehouse as a part of his own early employment history.

It was probably a moment full of wistful memories as a father shared with his daughter the good ol’ days at Gentle Giant. He was part of a time that is now company lore, working alongside his rowing teammates in the 80s when the company was just starting. Those memories are captured in countless black and white photos that line the staircase up to our headquarters, coworkers laughing and sweating under a summer sun. As a company that now employs over 600 people throughout the year, those days seem like simpler times that are still at the very root of Gentle Giant as a company: friends, teammates, coworkers, and family.

A year later, with thoughts of her dad’s enthusiasm in mind, she decided Gentle Giant might be a good place to take her brains and brawn. Three years later, she is one of our venerable managers who has brought the same enthusiasm to this company as her father did many years ago. When asked what drew her to the company, she shares a story of the birth of her older brother and a difficult time for the family:

“What really stood out to me, and what I believe is an embodiment of the culture here at Gentle Giant, was how everyone rallied around my family when my older brother was born with a rare chronic illness called Lymphatic Malformation. Because of frequent hospital visits, my dad couldn’t work as much, and the Gentle Giant family did what they could to help. This culture of family and of giving back is still so present in 2017, and is what keeps so many of us here.”

She is not alone in this story. There are countless employees past and present who have experienced the generosity, support, and kindness that comes through being a part of the Gentle Giant family. “Once a Giant, always a Giant” as we like to say.

Like this father-daughter pair, Gentle Giant has brothers and sisters, uncles and nephews, husbands and wives, and everything in between. It is a positive work environment that draws generations of employees who know the benefits of working for a company that values family and teamwork above all. Just this month twin brothers, rowers for different university teams, started their employment through an epic race through Harvard Stadium.

With the holiday season upon us, we want to take a moment to reflect on all that we are thankful for and the good fortune around us.  Gentle Giant provides a positive work environment focused on employee health and wellness and the greater good of the community where employees can thrive together. As people gather together for good meals and good conversation, Gentle Giant sends best wishes from our family to yours.