Simple Stretches for Staying Healthy in the Office

Simple Stretches for Staying Healthy in the Office

Gentle Giant Moving Company knows a thing or two about staying healthy and keeping fit. We have gyms in all of our warehouses and have won multiple Healthiest Workplace Awards. Our movers run boxes all day long, and some lift 500-pound pianos up multiple flights of stairs, so it’s essential that fitness is a priority.

What can you do to stay healthy as a professional who doesn’t have to carry pianos? Even if you’re not a mover, you can still fit some easy exercises into your regular workday, right at your desk!

Here are a few steps to take several times a day when you are hard at work, hunched over at your desk:

  • Stand up
  • Reach behind your lower back and put your hands on the muscles along the spine, just above your belt line.
  • Lean your head back until these muscles feel relaxed. You might have to lean back more than you are used to in your regular standing posture.
  • Now, lean your head forward just a couple of inches until your feel these muscles completely contract.
  • Lean your head back again until you feel these muscles completely relax again.
  • Notice where your head is resting in this position as the muscles in your low back are relaxed. If you sit or stand with your head in this position, you are likely putting your body in better posture.

For more information on Gentle Giant’s commitment to Health and Wellness, please enjoy this short video featuring GG Team Chiropractor and Trainer, Dr. John Zimmer.