How Much Does It Cost to Move a Three-Bedroom Home?

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Three-Bedroom Home?

Across all of our locations, we have the honor of moving a wide variety of customers and circumstances, especially local and long-distance moves. A common scenario we might receive is moving a family from a three-bedroom home to a new house. There is no one set sticker price for this moving scenario, as many factors contribute to the estimate our customers receive.

The most common factors influencing your 3 bedroom move estimate include:

1. The day of the week and date of the month you choose to move
2. Amount of inventory
3. Distance travelled from the origin to the destination
4. Additional services added to your move, such as packing or unpacking assistance
5. Logistics related to access inside of your home (stairs and elevators increase time and cost)

Once all of these factors have been considered, a rate will be given based on your circumstances. Any of our trained move consultants can answer all of your questions related to the specifics behind an estimate you are given.

Many of our customers will see estimates ranging between $1,750 and $2,500, with the majority of these over $2,000. A smaller percentage of self-packing customers, due to the factors mentioned above, will see estimates ranging between $2,500 and above.

The numbers mentioned above may feel intimidating if you have never used a professional moving company. We understand there are many factors which influence your decision on how you will complete your move, or you might wonder if you should hire movers in the first place.

We have heard these questions and concerns many times over the years, and ultimately, the choice is up to you and your family. In order to save your sanity during the process and potentially save on overall costs, we would recommend hiring professional movers, especially when moving from a three-bedroom home.

The cost of a moving company such as Gentle Giant is a great investment in your moving process to prevent worries about injuring yourself or damaging fragile items if you were to execute the move yourself.

When you hire a moving company, you invest back into your community. Gentle Giant pays our employees a competitive wage so they can sustain their lifestyles and families, and Giants enjoy healthcare benefits, a 401k retirement plan and opportunities to volunteer in the communities where we operate, among other perks.

Once you are ready to explore your options, you can use the free move estimate tool on our website to get a sense of your expected cost based on your circumstances. Our move consultants are also available to speak with you on the phone to discuss any concerns or logistical questions. Visit our locations page to see if we offer moving services near you.