Is it Safe to Hire Movers During COVID in 2021?

Is it Safe to Hire Movers During COVID in 2021?

Wishing a Happy New Year to everyone reading this post – we made it through 2020! The coronavirus pandemic affected each of us in different ways, and we’re optimistic about what 2021 will bring us.

For those considering an upcoming move, it’s a valid concern to wonder if it’s safe to be using a moving service right now. Mask mandates and social distancing efforts keep us safe and healthy, yet they make completing a service such as a move a bit more complex than before the pandemic.

Here are a few reasons why we feel it is safe to use a moving service in 2021:

1.) Our company has a robust COVID-19 safety plan

During these uncertain times, having a moving company that cares about the health of its employees and customers is essential. While planning your move during the pandemic, seek out a moving company such as Gentle Giant who has a COVID-19 action plan in place. These precautions should include daily check-in screenings with employees to make sure no employees are showing COVID-19 symptoms, regular hand washing and sanitizing, and reduced customer contact. A move is a complex process, and you’ll want to make sure healthy professionals are leading the way as efficiently as possible.

2.) Moving companies are deemed an essential business by state and local governments

Since the start of the pandemic, Gentle Giant has remained fully operational, in accordance with CDC and local departments of public health guidelines to keep our customers and employees safe. Our services are critical to the community and families in transition, which means we take our role seriously and improve our protocols daily, as we want to make sure our customers can rely on us nationwide.

3.) Moving crews are given a COVID-19 safety kit

Before arriving at a customer’s home, each moving crew is given a safety kit which includes masks, disinfectant, and other safety items necessary for the wellbeing of our customers and employees. Our movers clean all equipment after each move and are required to wash their hands throughout the progression of the move.

4.) Customary traditions involving contact upon arrival have ceased

To keep everyone safe, our moving crews have limited any unnecessary contact with customers, such as greeting the customer with a handshake. Additionally, we have waived requirements to have customers sign paperwork at the end of the day to avoid sharing pens or electronic devices.

5.) Wearing a mask and social distancing is customary

During the initial walk-through, our crews are required to wear masks. For everyone’s safety, we ask our customers to wear a mask during the duration of the move as well. We also ask customers to maintain a safe distance of six feet or more at all times, as we are unable to complete moves for customers who refuse to follow these protocols.

To get a quote for your move, use our web form and inventory checklist, or call us at 800-442-6863 to speak with a move consultant. We are prepared to explain more about our COVID-19 policies and answer any questions you have about how we can assist you with your move.