Labor Only vs. Full-Service Charlotte Movers

Labor Only vs. Full-Service Charlotte Movers

Charlotte moving companies come in many different shapes and sizes. The movers often differ in the kinds of services they offer, including labor-only moving services and full-service moving. Labor-only moving focuses solely on getting your items from point A to point B on your Charlotte move. In contrast, full-service moving consists of various services from packing and unpacking, to storage and assembly. With full-service moving, you can have a moving crew take care of your entire Charlotte move without having to lift a finger (except to book a reliable moving company)!

Labor-Only Charlotte Moving

Labor-only moving services are perfect for smaller-sized moves like a studio or one-bedroom apartment, a college dorm room, and more! The process of packing and unpacking is doable on small moves like these as there are fewer items and furniture to move compared to a family-sized home. In that case, you may just require help to move the belongings to a van and transport them across town. That’s where a labor-only Charlotte moving company comes in.

If you are looking to move on a budget, then labor-only movers may be your best option. The use of full-service features like packing and unpacking, disassembly and assembly, and storage will add up. Where your move allows, using a labor-only Charlotte moving company will save you money at the end of the day. Be prepared to spend hours or days packing and unpacking though! The experts at Gentle Giant have compiled a list of packing tips for your upcoming move so there’s no need to worry.

Full-Service Charlotte Moving

Your other option for hiring Charlotte movers is full-service moving companies. As the name indicates, these companies specialize in a variety of moving services. They can take care of your entire move, from the initial phone call to assembling that last piece of furniture in your new home. Naturally, full-service movers will be more expensive than using labor-only. However, if your budget allows, outsourcing the stress of your move to professionals is more than worth it!

Full-Service Moving Options

1) Disassembly and Assembly

Does the idea of assembling and disassembling your furniture scare you? Finding the right tools, unscrewing and screwing items correctly, packing and transporting furniture parts (and not losing any screws along the way!)’s safe to say your fear is warranted. Professional full-service Charlotte movers like Gentle Giant are experts in the disassembly and assembly of furniture so we’ve got you covered.

2) Packing and Unpacking

For many, the most stressful part of a move is packing and unpacking an entire life’s belongings. It’s easy to underestimate the number of belongings you have, how many moving boxes you require, and how much time it will take to pack and unpack! That’s why we recommend leaving it to the professionals. A reliable moving company like Gentle Giant will be able to estimate the required materials and time based on one home walk-through or phone call.

There’s no denying that moving is a tiring process. Even if you hire full-service movers, it’s likely you’ll be exhausted by the time you arrive at your new home. However, a full-service moving company can unpack for you at an additional fee. So sit back and relax while your movers do the heavy lifting.

3) Loading and Unloading

Like labor-only movers, full-service moving companies will load all of your boxes and furniture onto a moving truck and transport them to your new home. Where moves involve transporting heavy or delicate furniture like sofas, dressers, artwork, and electricals, having experts do the work for you will save stress and the potential for damage.

4) Storage

If you require short-term or long-term storage for your belongings many moving companies will have secure facilities for you to avail of. The cost of storing your items with a moving company will depend on the timeframe and number of items.

Are you planning a local or long-distance Charlotte move? Speak with a reputable Charlotte moving company like Gentle Giant. We have some great resources to get you started on your Charlotte move. Check out our moving checklist for information on how to prepare and use our free move estimate tool to determine the cost of your relocation.