Larry O’Toole is a Leader in the Moving Industry

Larry O’Toole is a Leader in the Moving Industry

Over 30 years ago, Larry O’Toole took a look at the state of moving and realized there was room for improvement. Many companies made it standard procedure to hire laborers who were strong, but many lacked customer service skills.

Larry had just left a job as a mechanical engineer and was trying to figure out a way to start his own company. He fell back on his athletic background in rowing and started moving furniture locally. He made sure to perform moves quickly, efficiently and with a smile on his face.

Since nobody in Boston had ever seen such a fit, personable mover, word quickly got around about the original Giant. Before long, Gentle Giant was growing beyond being just a Boston moving company and expanding throughout New England. Larry took this opportunity to start changing the moving industry for the better. He sought to be resourceful by using bins and dollies on commercial jobs, and having an honest sales team that didn’t work on commission.

To this day, Larry and the rest of the Giants are always thinking of ways to adapt the moving industry. For example, Gentle Giant recently launched a Bike Moves program. This takes trucks out of the equation and giving customers a green option for local moves.

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