What Makes Gentle Giant a Top-Rated Moving Company?

What Makes Gentle Giant a Top-Rated Moving Company?

Many moving companies will be able to successfully transport all your belongings from point A to point B, but when it comes to your valuables, you’ll want to place your trust in a moving company that goes above and beyond for their customers. Your relocation is an important life transition, and working with a reputable company will make the experience as pleasant and seamless as possible.

Here are a few reasons why Gentle Giant has been set apart as a top-rated moving company by both customers and competitors:

1.) Gentle Giant offers accurate and transparent estimates for moving services

From the initial point of contact until the end of your moving day, our employees strive to assist you with your moving and storage needs in a professional, honest manner. Approximately 92% of our moves are completed at or under the original estimated price, as our move consultants take the time at the start to understand the complete scope of every customer’s move, and then provide an estimate which accounts for every step of the process. Additionally, our employees are not paid on commission, so you can trust we are representing our services fairly and honestly in a way which benefits you and your family.

2.) Gentle Giant provides industry-leading benefits to employees

It’s uncommon for companies within the moving industry to offer full benefits, such as health insurance and paid time off, to their employees. More often than not, movers representing other companies are day laborers and contract employees, rather than a background-checked, full-time movers who are highly trained. We treat our employees well knowing they will return the same compassion and enthusiasm to our customers.

3.) Gentle Giant hires athletes from a wide variety of sports

We often refer to moving as a paid workout, given the intense physical nature of the job. Our employees know this upon being hired, and for some, it’s their reason for seeking employment with us. Since Gentle Giant was founded by rowers, the sense of commitment and teamwork formed through organized athletics is present within our company. This athleticism brings an extra level of professionalism and agility to our customers, who admire the efficiency and speed of our box runs. Current athletes enjoy the flexible schedule with Gentle Giant to stay in shape during their off-season, and former athletes will love the sense of comradery our work environment provides, as it’s similar to the bond one feels with their teammates.

4.) Gentle Giant gives back to the community through the Gentle Giant Charitable Foundation

In addition to our lineup of moving services, we founded the Gentle Giant Charitable Foundation in 2005, with a goal of strengthening the communities where we do business. Our charitable foundation focuses on two central issues: youth leadership development through athletics and education, and housing assistance through homelessness prevention. We hold pride in developing leaders within the company through training and coaching programs, and strive to extend the same commitment to local youth.

5.) Gentle Giant is a green moving company

In a high-waste industry, we work hard to lead the way as a green moving company. We conduct environmental initiatives such as recycling, composting, and reusing moving materials whenever possible. Our customers can take part in helping the environment by purchasing gently used boxes at discounted prices and giving us a call to retrieve their boxes at the end of the move.

We are a proud member of the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts and have completed their Sustainable Business Leadership Program and work closely alongside the Climate Action Business Association to increase our environmental awareness. We’ve also been given a Bike Friendly Business Award from the City of Boston.

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