What are the Best Towns Near Fort Lauderdale?

What are the Best Towns Near Fort Lauderdale?

For those looking to relocate to a warm and welcoming destination, a move to South Florida might be the perfect fit for you. Beyond popular cities such as Miami or Fort Lauderdale, there are other towns close to the area which have a nice quality of life at a slower pace.

Here are five towns near Fort Lauderdale to consider for your upcoming move:

1.) Coral Springs, Florida

A few miles north of Fort Lauderdale, you’ll find shopping, entertainment, and more in Coral Springs. It has a family atmosphere complete with top-rated schools and little free libraries throughout the city. Their Center for the Arts, Museum of Art, and Public Arts Collection will surprise and delight creatives while their various athletic programs will keep the whole family active and moving.

2.) Wilton Manors, Florida

The city of Wilton Manors is an inclusive, thriving neighborhood north of Fort Lauderdale, filled with history and culture. It has become a safe haven for those in the LGBTQ+ community which is reflected in their diverse leadership, festivals, and celebrations. On the Wilton Drive, locals and tourists alike can enjoy over 30 restaurants, nightclubs, and lounges while experiencing the warmth of Wilton hospitality.

3.) Deerfield Beach, Florida

Nature lovers will love the ample amount of green space of Deerfield Beach, which has over 600 acres of space for parks and recreation. Spend time at the Deerfield Beach Arboretum or Quiet Waters Park for serenity and scenery. Named after the numerous deer who once roamed the area, it’s a city filled with plenty of outdoor activities and agriculture.

4.) Plantation, Florida

Golf lovers will be in their element while in Plantation, a city west of Fort Lauderdale and home to four of South Florida’s most popular golfing destinations. The robust tree population gives a sense of privacy and a rural feel to Plantation compared to other nearby cities. The beach is less than 30 minutes away and there are restaurants and nightclubs right in town for those looking for leisure.

5.) Davie, Florida

The laid-back charm of Davie has made it the ideal destination for the Miami Dolphins to train, combined with a few movie appearances and its western border close to the Florida Everglades. A plethora of park trails, green space, and botanical gardens means there is always an outdoor activity to enjoy. College students across several nearby universities and an even mix of white and blue collar workers makes for a vibrant and welcoming community.

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