Your Ultimate Office Move Timeline

Your Ultimate Office Move Timeline

As a business professional, you want to make sure your office move is as seamless and productive as possible. With the proper preparation and planning, your office move can be executed with ease.

Here is a handy checklist to keep you on track for your upcoming office move:

6 Months Prior to Your Move

In your introductory planning phase of the move, the most important step to take would be assigning roles for those assisting with the transition. One staff member can even take the initiative of creating a “move planning team” for those interested in participating.

Other factors to consider at this stage:

1.) Plan the design of phone and computer systems – You will need these up and running at your new space as soon as possible.

2.) Start researching moving companies and estimates – A reputable company who will take care of all your company’s valuable items should be a top priority.

3.) Coordinate plans with an interior designer The layout of your office makes an important impression on customers and potential new hires. Consider collaborating with an interior designer, who can match your existing furniture to your new office layout.

3-4 Months Prior to Your Office Move

At this stage, you will want to:

1.) Finalize computer and phone system plans.

2.) Finalize interior design plans and new office layout.

3.) Schedule elevator service in old and new locations – This step is very important but is often overlooked. You will need uninterrupted elevator access when moving out of your old location and when moving into your new location.

4.) Keep communication with employees open – Your staff will want to feel as prepared as possible for the new changes. Consider creating welcome packets for the new space, hosting weekly or bi-weekly move update meetings and/or hosting a move orientation.

1-2 Months Prior to Your Office Move

Two months prior to the big day, you will want to:

1.) Schedule all utilities.

2.) Change your office address – Make sure you update your company stationary, business cards and other collateral items to match your new address.

3.) Select your moving company – Especially during the summer busy season, you’ll want to book your movers with as much notice as possible.

1-3 Weeks Prior to Your Office Move

Getting closer! By now, you will want to:

1.) Finalize plans with your current and new building managers.

2.) Confirm IT installation plans in your new space.

3.) Receive a packing training by your movers, if you will be packing yourselves.

4.) Order new keys and reserve parking spaces.

The Day Before Your Office Move

Tomorrow is the day! Here are some final steps to prepare:

1.) Finish organizing, packing and labeling.

2.) Update your company’s online presence (website and social media) with your new contact information.

Moving Day

All your hard work and preparation has come together, congratulations! Here are your final steps to a successful move:

1.) Unpack your items according to your existing office layout plans.

2.) Return any equipment and boxes used during the move.

3.) Carefully review and sign the Bill of Lading given by your moving company.

4.) Finalize installation of phones and computers.

We wish you the best of luck during your office move! Learn more about our commercial moving services here and view our additional office moving tips here.