3 Cross-Country Moving Tips

3 Cross-Country Moving Tips

As you begin preparing for your cross-country move, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the logistical details, and you might be worried about certain tasks not being completed. Your concerns are valid and it’s very common to experience these emotions.

Here are three tips for people when moving cross-country:

1.) Don’t book your cross-country move too close to your moving date

Any advanced notice customers can provide is greatly appreciated as companies take greater precautions to maintain safety and sanitation during COVID-19. Scheduling your cross-country move in advance is critical to ensure you are able to move on the dates you have requested. The further the distance, the sooner you will want to reach out to your moving company so they can look at their schedule.

Hiring an independent cross-country moving company such as Gentle Giant means we will be able to give you a much more accurate delivery window, in comparison to our competitors. Since we would be handling the move from start to finish, it makes planning and scheduling your cross-country move much easier.

2.) Don’t underestimate how long it will take to pack for your cross-country move

Many people will take a look at their inventory and predict an idea of how long it might take them to pack. Most of the time, the packing process takes far longer than we originally anticipate. To prepare accordingly, estimate a realistic timeline, then tack on a few extra hours so you’re not frantically packing the night before your move.

Additionally, you can pace out the process to avoided being overwhelmed, or take advantage of packing services offered by professional cross-country moving companies such as Gentle Giant. For the times when it’s still too late, contact your move coordinator as soon as possible so they can help you make appropriate arrangements.

3.) Don’t forget about storage options ahead of your cross-country move

Depending on the cross-country move you’ll be making, you’ll likely find storage services to be an extremely helpful part of your process. You might have a surplus of boxes you don’t need to unpack right away, and storage can prevent overcrowding in your new home.

When discussing your cross-country move with a move consultant, inquire about their storage services and how the payment process works. Many companies offer perks such as a discounted rate when purchasing a certain number of vaults.

To get a quote for your cross-country move, use our moving estimate request form and inventory checklist, or call us at 800-442-6863 to speak with a move consultant and find out how we can assist you with your cross-country move.