The Gentle Giant Challenge Shines at the 53rd Head Of The Charles

The Gentle Giant Challenge Shines at the 53rd Head Of The Charles

A long time ago, in a warehouse far far away…the beloved Gentle Giant Challenge was born.

Comprised of a staircase up and a slide down the back of a truck cab, the Gentle Giant Challenge is the perfect combination of two parts pain, one part childhood playground fun. Great for adults and children alike, this training tool has become a mainstay at many Gentle Giant sponsored events. The Gentle Giant Challenge asks participants to complete five laps up the stairs and down the slide as quickly as possible.

As Boston’s premiere moving company, we pride ourselves on offering top notch service in an efficient manner. The Gentle Giant Challenge was created to test local athletes to see if they have what it takes to be a Giant with a little healthy competition. This fitness monster eats up fresh legs and brings to life the burn of lactic acid. A true legend of Gentle Giant, the challenge has been bringing pains and gains to our employees and the Greater Boston community since 2008.

Gentle Giant Challenge at Head of the Charles

This weekend, the Gentle Giant Challenge made its seventh annual appearance at the Head of the Charles regatta, and the competition was as hot as the unseasonably warm temperature. The event featured many repeat speedsters, athletes fresh off their rowing competition, and eager young fitness enthusiasts bounding up stairs the height of their little legs.

It was a fun two-day challenge featuring many cheers of encouragement, teammates challenging teammates, and even an escaped puppy who wanted to join the fun. The overall winner took gold for the fifth year in a row, conquering the challenge in just over 25 seconds.

Gentle Giant Challenge Puppy

Here at Gentle Giant, there are a few core components of our company culture that set us apart from the rest of the moving industry and make us a unique place to work. We are built on a commitment to health and wellness, and determination to go above and beyond on a daily basis. As such, all employees are encouraged to continually improve their well-being through office CrossFit, stadium runs, the Gentle Giant Challenge, meditation, acupuncture and other organized company activities. The Gentle Giant Challenge is a fun reflection of the company culture that we are able to share with the neighboring community.

If you are interested in seeing if you have what it takes to be a Giant, please visit our careers page to learn more.