An Inside Look at the Gentle Giant Hiring Process: Who’s Moving Me?

An Inside Look at the Gentle Giant Hiring Process: Who’s Moving Me?

The Human Resources department at Gentle Giant screens thousands of people during the first half of every year in anticipation of hiring for the busy season. To accommodate the demands of our ever-expanding customer base during the summer moving rush, we hire roughly 120 employees throughout the New England area. To avoid layoffs in the slower season while keeping the quality of our employees top notch, we bring on a seasonal workforce comprised primarily of college student athletes looking to get paid to workout.

As the premier moving company in the New England area, we have plenty of applicants walk through the doors who are physically capable of handling the demanding work required of a mover. However, here at Gentle Giant we are looking for qualities far beyond the necessary physical strength. As we filter through thousands of applications and schedule hundreds of interviews in search of the next class of Giants, we are continually focused on finding employees with the soft skills necessary to help guide our customers through one of the most stressful days of their year.

Sound like the summer job for you, but curious about who your coworkers would be? Looking into hiring Gentle Giant and interested in who the strangers walking through your doors on move day might be? Good – let’s meet the Giants!

He might be a Harvard rower. She might have been a Yale rower. He might have played professional football in the US and Canada. She might be back for a second summer to stay fit for collegiate volleyball. He might have run one of the fastest 200m in the state as a high schooler. She might be a Beantown Rugby Football club player. He might have tried out to play professional European basketball before writing a novel. He might hold the Massachusetts state record for goals scored in lacrosse.

We have employees from all backgrounds and every walk of life; a diverse group with a few important common traits that set our Giants apart from every other moving company. He or she is an athlete. He or she values teamwork. He or she puts honesty and integrity first. He or she will go above and beyond to help customers and teammates. He or she knows what it takes to get through a long day with a smile.

When the time comes to hiring the next generation of Giants, we look for athletes who have faced adversity and persevered. We are particularly interested in people who know that when the day gets long (and it will get long), it’s time to buckle down and get to work. Our Giants understand the mental strength required to endure the physical challenges of moving the contents of an entire home, while maintaining a positive attitude. They are vetted and tested for physical and mental toughness to provide our customers with the best service around.

If you think you have what it takes to become a Giant and you are interested in joining a team of highly motivated athletes, visit our careers page to learn more!