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Running The Stadium: A Timeless Gentle Giant Tradition

Running The Stadium: A Timeless Gentle Giant Tradition

A commonly known right of passage at Gentle Giant involves running the steps of the Harvard Stadium. Why do we do this, you might wonder? What exactly is running the stadium?

Essentially, it is a very beloved tradition at Gentle Giant Moving Company that helps us build character and teamwork, which is what we need in order to continue being a great moving company. Running the stadium involves climbing up the stands in each of the 37 sections of the coliseum-style Harvard landmark.

Although the goal is to do it as quickly as possible, the main purpose for Gentle Giant movers is to build stamina and concentration. It is a way our movers demonstrate that they are willing to focus on a challenge and complete a job, no matter how difficult, because there is always someone counting on you. We celebrate when someone is fast and strong, but if someone is slow and struggles through it, we don’t give them a hard time. We cheer them on and encourage them to do their best. We’re happy they push through the sweat and exhaustion to reach the top of the last section, and congratulate them.

At Gentle Giant, we have a set of values represented by something call the Giant HEART: honesty, enthusiasm, above-and-beyond effort, respect, and teamwork. The stadium teaches movers a lot about themselves and each other. It has a great deal of symbolic and practical meaning to the Gentle Giant culture, so it’s a tradition we uphold and hope that our movers will uphold even after their time with Gentle Giant has passed.