Gentle Giant Improves Employee Wellness Education with CPR Class

Gentle Giant Improves Employee Wellness Education with CPR Class

At Gentle Giant, we like to say, “our product is our people.” It doesn’t matter the boxes we use or the trucks we drive – although we do love those purple trucks! At the end of the day, what does matter to our business is the quality of the people carrying those boxes and driving those trucks, and the service they provide. Customers seek out Gentle Giant, and employees choose to stay with us because of the unique workforce we attract.

The basis of our success in the moving business has been our foundation in health and wellness. Next to customer service (check out our customer reviews!), fitness is the most important aspect of what keeps our teams moving. We strive to maintain a workforce full of athletic individuals with strong backgrounds in working and performing in team environments. From our history of teamwork and fitness, sponsorship of local rugby and rowing teams, to the flexible schedule suited for high-performing athletes, we work to attract individuals with a focus on healthy living.

Every month, Gentle Giant aims to bring opportunities to our employees to keep themselves fit and educated in body and mind. There are monthly guided meditation sessions, quarterly acupuncture, a staff chiropractor who also runs daily CrossFit classes, occasional yoga breaks and an annual Wellness Week focused on holistic health.

The health and wellness focus during the month of January was a company sponsored CPR and AED certification course. The class gave interested employees the opportunity to learn the latest CPR techniques, as well as how to use the company defibrillator. We hope we never have to use these skills, but in the event of an emergency, the company has empowered our workforce with the tools to help those in need.

Gentle Giant recognizes that preparation is key to a well-staffed team and safe environment. We strive to always enable our staff in their efforts to be healthy and happy.

If you have suggestions for a fun or educational way to enhance the work environment, please let us know. As a Healthiest Workplace winner over the years in Massachusetts and across our regions, Gentle Giant is always looking for innovative ways to bring healthy learning into the workplace.