Congrats to a Growing Gentle Giant Family

Congrats to a Growing Gentle Giant Family

Just two days ago, a married Gentle Giant couple had their second child together. Congratulations to Tom and Carolyn on the birth of their son William, who joins the O’Gorman family and his older sister Ava among the ranks of the luckiest babies on Earth because they have such amazing parents!

This news serves as a reminder of what a unique work environment Gentle Giant has, one that really focuses on the development of great personal and professional relationships. At our company, we work with countless couples who met on the job and are now in long-term, committed relationships. Many of these couples now have children, affectionately referred to as our littlest Giants. We strive to have a very family-friendly atmosphere here, and I think the fact that so many actual families exist here is positive proof of that.

At Gentle Giant, we value relationships above almost everything else. Not necessarily romantic relationships, but relationships with customers, coworkers, employees, managers, vendors, neighbors and community leaders. Essentially, anyone with whom we share resources, time or space – even other drivers on roads where we take our trucks!

As a result, we have as many quirks as a real “giant” family, but we also have a tremendous amount of loyalty and security. Whenever tension or conflict arises, we know that our colleagues support us at the end of the day, and that feeling of safety allows us to focus on our jobs and our goal of helping our customers, and not on internal politics or selfish interests.

Congrats again to Tom and Carolyn, and all of Gentle Giant on our growing happy family.