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Gentle Giant Moving Company Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Over the last 40 years, Gentle Giant has been honored to serve so many wonderful customers and grow an incredible extended family of employees, past and present. The uncertainty of 2020 has changed many elements of our daily lives, and… Read More

How Gentle Giant Uses Humor on the Job

Humor is an essential part of the Gentle Giant company culture. We move thousands of people each year, and most of them would consider moving to be one of the most stressful times in their lives. The Giants we send… Read More

The Gentle Giant Family: A Brief History

Here is a guest post about the family culture at GG from our founder, Larry O'Toole. "I am very proud to report that Gentle Giant is a finalist for the Family Business Awards. This whole process has been about reflecting… Read More

Gentle Giant Comes Alive in the Summertime

Do you know what the only thing better than moving furniture is? Moving furniture in the summertime! Ask any of the Giants on the trucks, and they will tell you that summertime is the best time to move. The Giants… Read More

Congrats to a Growing Gentle Giant Family

Just two days ago, a married Gentle Giant couple had their second child together. Congratulations to Tom and Carolyn on the birth of their son William, who joins the O'Gorman family and his older sister Ava among the ranks of… Read More

Why Your Movers Should Have Fun on the Job

For companies where the employees are responsible for the care of customers, it's a wise decision to invest in employee satisfaction. When you treat your employees with respect, they are more likely to pass respect on to their customers. This… Read More