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Why Your Movers Should Have Fun on the Job

Why Your Movers Should Have Fun on the Job

For companies where the employees are responsible for the care of customers, it’s a wise decision to invest in employee satisfaction. When you treat your employees with respect, they are more likely to pass respect on to their customers. This is especially true with a moving company. You would never want disgruntled or disengaged movers doing important work in your home, right?

Gentle Giant is a company that puts employee satisfaction and customer happiness at the forefront of our business. This has led us to win multiple awards related to being a Top Small Workplace and Best Place to Work. We are a business that works hard and plays hard. Our annual summer party is a great example of time that we set aside to simply relax and have fun. This creates a positive environment for our company, coworkers, and the customers who hire us. We also have a very open and welcoming office culture where everyone is encouraged to be their true self.

What happens if you’re not hiring movers, or if you are moving but do not live in an area where you can hire Gentle Giant? A piece of advice is to talk to the people who answer your phone call in reception and try to notice if they seem happy with their job. You can also take a look at the company’s website and see if the president or owner of the company has a bio on the company’s website. This adds an element of personality to the company.

An important business philosophy to guide a company by is this: treat your people well, and they’ll treat your customers well. When you do, those well-treated, happy employees should stick around long enough to pass those cultural values on to the next generation of employees. In turn, you will build and maintain your reputation for excellence, decade after decade.