The Top 5 Best Cities to Move to During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Top 5 Best Cities to Move to During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The continued progression of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth many changes within the moving industry. Many people are moving to find more affordable accommodation, due to increased remote work flexibility, and others have relocated simply for a change of pace.

Here are five cities you might consider moving to during the COVID-19 pandemic if you’re craving a new adventure:

1.) Austin, Texas

A city which has seen rapid expansion in the last decade, Austin continues to grow every year, with many young people leading the charge. In Austin you’ll find a vibrant arts and culture scene, competitive salaries within a fruitful economy, and an impressive tech hub worth exploring if you aren’t quite ready to head to Silicon Valley.

2.) Charlotte, North Carolina

When you move to Charlotte, you’ll experience the bustle of city life with the charm of Southern hospitality. A growing job market makes it an ideal location for those looking for new employment after a lay-off, as the city is the headquarters of Wells Fargo and other Fortune 500 companies. The weather is pleasant year-round and offers affordable housing compared to other warm cities like Los Angeles.

3.) Denver, Colorado

Adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts will adore life in Denver, as the city has a yearly average of 300 days of sunshine, plus six months of skiing and snowboarding conditions for those wanting to hit the slopes. A growing job market and increased work from home flexibility makes it an ideal city to live in during the pandemic.

4.) Kansas City, Missouri

There has been growing national attention on Kansas City due to the city’s sports victories over the last several years. Many young professionals are seeking a fresh start in Kansas City due to its increased affordable homeownership opportunities, new job prospects, and a rich jazz and arts scene.

5.) Boise, Idaho

One of the most popular states to relocate to during the pandemic has been Idaho, with easy access to nature, affordable housing, and overall cost of living ranking as top attractions. Boise has been predicted to become a city which will recover quickly from the pandemic given its population density and emerging tech scene.

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