Moving Cross-Country During a Pandemic: 7 Helpful Tips for a Safe Cross-Country Move

Moving Cross-Country During a Pandemic: 7 Helpful Tips for a Safe Cross-Country Move

Nearly a year into the pandemic, the way we live our daily lives and interact with others has drastically changed, including the way we move. Moving cross-country during a pandemic isn’t ideal, but it can be done safely when proper precautions are taken.

Here are seven helpful tips for a safe cross-country move during the coronavirus pandemic:

1.) Ensure your cross-country moving company has a COVID-19 safety plan

During these uncertain times, having a moving company that cares about the health of its employees and customers is essential. While planning your move during the pandemic, seek out a moving company such as Gentle Giant that has a COVID-19 action plan in place. These precautions should include daily check-in screenings with employees to make sure no employees are showing COVID-19 symptoms, regular hand washing and sanitizing, and reduced customer contact. A move is a complex process, and you’ll want to make sure healthy professionals are leading the way as efficiently as possible.

2.) Take advantage of virtual estimate options

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, certain customers requested an in-person estimate, depending on the circumstance and size of the move. To reduce unnecessary contact, we have implemented an artificial intelligence-based application called Yembo, which allows you to use your smartphone to submit a video of the items in your home which need to be moved. It’s just another way in which we strive to bring innovation and convenience to our valued customers.

3.) Complete your packing ahead of schedule

Since the timeline of how long coronavirus can last on surfaces varies, it helps to have your packing completed at least 24 hours in advance of the movers arriving. They will likely be wearing gloves, but it never hurts to take extra precautions and make sure your packing is done ahead of schedule. This will also ensure your movers can begin loading the truck as soon as possible, which minimizes physical contact and makes the process more efficient.

4.) Keep plenty of masks and sanitation supplies on-hand

When you hire a reputable cross-country moving company like Gentle Giant, the moving crew will have plenty of cleaning and sanitation supplies available, which in turn keeps both you and them safe from contamination. For additional peace of mind, make sure you have your own supply of masks and cleaning supplies, including hand sanitizer, masks, and disinfecting wipes. The movers will clean all equipment after each move and wash their hands during its progression, but it never hurts to feel extra prepared so you can sanitize your new home to your liking after completing the move.

5.) Wear a mask and maintain social distancing

During the initial walk-through, our crews are required to wear masks. For everyone’s safety, we ask our customers to wear a mask during the duration of the move as well. We also ask customers to maintain a safe distance of six feet or more at all times, as we are unable to complete moves for customers who refuse to follow these protocols. These precautions will allow your cross-country move to be completed in a timely and efficient manner in the safest way possible.

6.) Utilize storage options when necessary

Depending on the cross-country you’ll be making, you’ll likely find storage services to be an extremely helpful part of your process. You might have a surplus of boxes you don’t need to unpack right away, and storage can prevent overcrowding in your new home. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, you will want to avoid moving more items than absolutely necessary.

When discussing your cross-country move with a move consultant, inquire about their storage services and how the payment process works. Many companies like Gentle Giant offer storage perks such as a discounted rate when purchasing a certain number of vaults.

7.) Maintain open communication with your cross-country moving company

In the event you or someone in your family gets sick with the coronavirus before your move, it’s essential to keep your cross-country movers informed so they can reschedule the move for a later date. This keeps everyone safe and healthy so we can honor your move at a later time without risking transmission of the virus. Even if you test positive for the virus after the move, you should contact your moving company to keep them informed, as it keeps everyone safe and aware.

To get a quote for your cross-country move, use our moving estimate request form and inventory checklist, or call us at 800-442-6863 to speak with a move consultant and find out how we can assist you with your cross-country move.