April Showers Bring More Than Just May Flowers – Athletes Make Great Movers!

April Showers Bring More Than Just May Flowers – Athletes Make Great Movers!

April is a month of transition, as the last of the snow finally melts and the perennials burst through their winter hibernation. The city slowly comes to life and with it, moving activity picks up with increasing speed. April kicks off the busy period at Gentle Giant, as we hit the ground running and don’t stop until December, when the snow returns and the holidays roll in.

It is an exciting time of year, but not without some physical and mental challenges. Those beautiful flowers bursting with color are the result of many dreary, gray days. The April showers are responsible for more than just lovely flowers; they are responsible for soggy feet, soaked t-shirts, and slippery stairs.

Keeping morale high is a challenge for anyone faced with a 10-day forecast of rain, particularly when your job involves running around outside. How do our movers stay motivated as the drizzle creeps down the back of their shirts? It takes a special type of person to embrace the gloom and remember the sunny days to come. Fortunately, that is what Gentle Giant’s employment ranks are full of: people who know how to work hard, grit through and finish the job, even when their shoes are perpetually damp.  

Gentle Giant’s Athletic History

Since our founding in the 1980s by a group of rowers, Gentle Giant has always found success in hiring employees with a strong athletic background. Rowers, rugby players, football players; these athletes know how to handle long, muddy practices or hours on a rainy river. These athletes do well at Gentle Giant precisely because of that deep sense of teamwork and willingness to work through challenging conditions to accomplish a goal together.

The mental and physical fortitude of our employees are on full display during Marathon Monday, a favorite “holiday” in Boston as the marathon takes over the city. Gentle Giant, the official mover of the Boston Marathon, has been providing support staff for over 20 years to this famed race. The third Monday in April has notoriously fickle weather with all manner of conditions recorded: snow, 90-degree temperatures, driving rain and gale force winds; you name it and our staff have survived it with a smile. It is one of the favorite days of the year because it exemplifies the Gentle Giant spirit: coming together despite the challenges to support our city and our friends.

Being a Gentle Giant Mover is a Great Summer Job for Athletes

Employment at Gentle Giant, especially in those dreary months of March and April, helps to instill a mental and physical fortitude that pairs nicely with our high school and college athletes. We have long standing relationships with many local sports teams at all levels, and our recruiting team is always expanding these relationships as they hire the next generation of athletes. With locations in Metro Boston, New York, Charlotte, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and more, we probably have a location near you!

If you are a coach looking for the perfect summer job to keep your athletes fit, healthy and physically challenged or a student hoping to get paid to work out this summer, visit our careers page and contact our recruiting team today!