Putting the “Gentle” in Gentle Giant Moving Company

Putting the “Gentle” in Gentle Giant Moving Company

Summer is here again, which means things are heating up at Gentle Giant. The busy season means endless staircases, gallons of water, and some good tan lines. It also means welcoming roughly 200 new and returning seasonal employees who will be donning our maroon and black and hitting the road. This group of new hires is largely composed of college athletes looking to stay fit during their summer break. They all undergo a thorough interview process with a full training session to prepare them for the many aspects of a successful move day.

Gentle Giant Applicant Questions of Summer 2018

Our recruiting team gets many questions during the interview process: What is a typical day like? What is your favorite part about working here? How far would we travel? What is the starting pay? At this point, our recruiters often think they’ve heard them all, but every so often an applicant comes up with a new question to noodle over.

The question of the summer thus far has been: “Does Gentle Giant prioritize the ‘Gentle’ or the ‘Giant’ part more?”

In the company’s 35+ years, the two words have been linked in a way in which our success is equal parts Gentle and Giant. Our reputation as the top moving company in New England comes from both our focus on athleticism and our honest, trustworthy approach to a difficult day. It seems you cannot have one without the other.

Our Giants Make Moving Less Stressful

Moving is stressful; for many of our customers, it is the most stressful day of their year (See our stress-free moving timeline recommendations). It is also very personal. When you hire movers, within thirty minutes of meeting them, these strangers are going through every nook and cranny of your house. They are in bedrooms, bathrooms, kids rooms; it can be unsettling. We’re not just looking for people who can pick things up and put them down, we look for good people – people who will make our customers feel comfortable in their own home. We look for the people who put the “gentle” in Gentle Giant.

Without the “Giant” part of Gentle Giant, we would be just a bunch of nice people struggling to carry heavy furniture. Without the “Gentle” part of Gentle Giant, we would just be any other moving company. Many applicants walk through our doors who are physically capable of the work, but lack the less tangible, soft skills we value so much here at Gentle Giant.

It is this focus on kindness, compassion, and patience that sets Gentle Giant apart as the company it is today. It doesn’t matter how purple our trucks are or how sturdy our boxes, if the people carrying them are not good people. Our employees are gentle in heart and giant in spirit, and will get the job done effectively, efficiently, and with a friendly face.