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Loyal, Long-Term Employees Sustain Successful Companies

Loyal, Long-Term Employees Sustain Successful Companies

It was quite apparent today what some of the benefits are of having loyal, long-term employees. It was a Monday in July, which are days that are always extremely hectic for our sales team. So many people contact us for information or an estimate over the weekend, which leads to a longer callback list and a busy start to the week on Monday. July is one of our busiest months of the year, which can quickly take a toll on our sales team.

Gentle Giant attracts many talented, hard-working and loyal people who are looking to learn new skills and advance their careers. Many of them have moved from one position to the next, often starting on the trucks or at reception. Once they have been with the company for a while, they end up moving into other roles related to sales, marketing, HR or customer support. Naturally, this benefits the employees because they gain new skills through a different role, but get to stay within the same company.

Today our sales director, Tom, made a couple of quick calls internally to see if any former sales team members might be able to spare some time to call people back. Almost immediately, he got the help he needed from highly-trained former sales team members!

Of course, there’s still a mountain of work to get through (a problem we are glad to have), but now more prospective Gentle Giant customers will be able to book with us, and the employees who work in sales daily can still go home at a reasonable hour. After 30 years, it can be easy to take what we have for granted. We’re grateful for moments like these when such shining examples of our outstanding workplace practices take center stage, and we can reflect on how far we have grown at Gentle Giant!