The 5 People You Meet in a Gentle Giant Warehouse

The 5 People You Meet in a Gentle Giant Warehouse

Gentle Giant is home to a wonderfully diverse mix of employees who have found themselves at the company through a variety of interesting paths. A moving company may not be the first place that pops to mind when considering summer employment and beyond, but we think the people and work environment here make for a unique opportunity.

Curious who the mover on your next job might be? Want to know who your Gentle Giant coworkers might be? Take a look at some of the people you might meet during a stroll through Gentle Giant HQ.

The College Athlete

Our flexible schedule allows for college students to come and go during breaks and work part-time during school. This flexibility means we have many employees who work with us off and on throughout their four years in college and beyond. They come and go as it suits their schedule and repeatedly call Gentle Giant home. A focus on soft-skills training and leadership development opportunities means Gentle Giant is a great place for athletes to stay fit during the summer, while also picking up valuable experience for the future.

The Part-Time Side Hustle

In the current “gig economy” of following your passions and pursuing a meaningful career, Gentle Giant attracts many hoping to work part-time to support their side hustle. Whether it’s the mover who doubles as a music producer, the HR recruiter who owns a pottery business, or the customer service representative who spends early mornings coaching, we love supporting people and their passions. The diversity of part-time side passions our employees bring to work every day make for an interesting and engaging work environment.

The Career Mover

Gentle Giant could never exist without the wonderful full-time staff who have chosen to call this company home. Some movers have been with us for decades, joining Gentle Giant for the flexibility and staying for the strong sense of community and the generous benefits. This workforce is the core of our company and provides a steady, stable, confident team of people offering the best customer service possible. They are the people you want looking after your grandmother’s clock, and they will be with you throughout your stressful day.

The Mover-Turned-Office Staff

Let’s not forget about the office staff who keep the company running behind-the-scenes. Gentle Giant is a company consistently focusing on growing good people, offering opportunities to high performers and keeping talented people engaged. Sometimes this means college students who start on the trucks grow into our office staff who book the jobs, hire the movers, market the company, and make sure the business continues to grow. From the COO to the newest customer service rep, many of our office staff started their careers at Gentle Giant in a maroon mover t-shirt.


Larry O’Toole, the founder, owner and CEO of Gentle Giant, is a familiar face around the office on any given day. Don’t be surprised if a stroll through the Gentle Giant warehouse brings you face-to-face with Mr. O’Toole. A passionate and involved owner, Larry is often seen on the warehouse floor meeting with staff, shaking hands with new hires, and even joining the company-organized workouts.

If these sound like people you might want to work with, check out our careers page and come join the team!