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7 Reasons to Be a Gentle Giant Mover This Summer

7 Reasons to Be a Gentle Giant Mover This Summer

As summer rolls in, the Gentle Giant team is quickly expanding with an influx of college students looking to spend the summer outside, staying fit, and earning some extra spending money. While working as a mover isn’t necessarily the first thing that jumps to mind as a summer job, we believe we have a lot to offer our high school and college student employees.

Considering a summer job or longer career at Gentle Giant? Take a look at some of the reasons our staff come back year after year:

  1. The People
    Ask any Gentle Giant employee what keeps them working here on the toughest day and the answer is most commonly “the people I work with.” The recruiting team focuses on hiring applicants with strong athletic, academic, and customer service backgrounds that can get the job done with a smile on their face, even when the going gets tough. Moving is a physically demanding job so it is crucial to have a team of like-minded, fitness-oriented individuals who know how to work hard, but don’t take themselves too seriously.
  2. Scheduling Flexibility
    Family vacation to the Cape? Part-time, unpaid internship three days a week?  Cross-country road trip with your best friends for 6 weeks? At Gentle Giant, our movers fully set their days of availability, which results in an interesting, diverse staff taking advantage of a unique scheduling system. It is ideal for college students taking a few days of summer school classes or looking to make a little extra money around an internship. Whether it is a 3-week trip to compete at the Royal Henley Regatta or a long weekend camping in the White Mountains, the flexible calendar helps our employees support an active, adventurous lifestyle.
  3. The Great Outdoors
    On the topic of the active, adventurous lifestyle, working at Gentle Giant as a mover means you will never have a dull day behind a desk pushing papers. You spend your job outside, running around, seeing a different part of the city or surrounding towns each day. One day you may be at a vacation home on Cape Cod, another day you could be in the mountains of Vermont, or maybe a brownstone in Beacon Hill. It is a work day full of variety and fresh air.
  4. Valuable Soft Skills
    We recognize that not everyone dreams of a career as a mover forever, and therefore we focus on instilling valuable soft skills to benefit our employees in all future endeavors. Whether it is working in the emergency room or consulting business challenges, Giants learn the importance of respect, communication, patience, trust and empathy, while working in a fast-paced and high stress environment. 
  5. Fitness
    No need to find an expensive gym membership for the summer; we have you covered! Gentle Giant will keep any high-level athlete in shape during the off-season. If a long day of moving isn’t enough, we have onsite gym, gym membership, or gym reimbursement based on where you live.
  6. Once a Giant, always a Giant
    This phrase is near and dear to our hearts and has a few different meanings. In the short term, it means that if you are an employee in good standing, you are always welcome back at Gentle Giant for work during school breaks or days off. In the longer term, Gentle Giant has developed a network of thousands of retired movers who have spent time on the trucks and gone on to pursue a variety of careers. This community offers the opportunity to connect with former employees who share similar experiences on the trucks and may help you in your next career move. As an ice-breaker, everyone has a great story about their first trip to the stadium!
  7. The Stadium
    What better reason do you need to work at Gentle Giant this summer than the promise of a trip to Harvard Stadium?

Sound like something of interest to you or someone you know? Check out our website to learn more and apply online!