Tag: Meet the Giants

Giant Alum: Blake Evitt, Former Mover and Parkour Expert

Growing up in Somerville, Blake Evitt was always familiar with Gentle Giant’s famous purple trucks. It wasn't until he was home for a Christmas break in college that he applied to start working at the Boston moving company. “I thought… Read More

Giant Alum: Louis Insalaco, Former Crew Chief

Former Giant Louis Insalaco is an impressive young man. He has benefited from working with Gentle Giant in his pursuit of finishing medical school and becoming a Head and Neck Surgeon. He was still in high school when he started… Read More

Meet the Giants: Readville Branch Manager Matt McCulley

Matt McCulley, the Branch Manager of our Readville office, is a great example of an athlete who seamlessly transitioned from hustling on the field to hustling on a move. Matt started his career at Gentle Giant after a couple of his college… Read More

Giant Alum: David Lister, Former Director of Human Resources

David Lister, former GG Director of Human Resources, was in charge of new hires for over 15 years before his retirement. He took great pride in hiring only the best Giants. "I believe it starts with hiring the best people,… Read More

Meet the Giants: Beverly Branch Manager Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw started his career at Gentle Giant in a similar way to other legendary Giants. After graduating from college, he was looking for a challenging job that would keep his mind sharp, put some money in his pocket and keep him… Read More

Meet the Giants: Wilmington Warehouse Manager Jon Powell

Back in the mid-90's when he was a collegiate rower, Jon Powell had never heard of Gentle Giant. It wasn't until Larry struck up a conversation with Jon at a rowing event that Jon was exposed to the Gentle Giant heart.… Read More

Meet the Giants: Director of Operations Pat Inman

Pat Inman, the Director of Operations at Gentle Giant, comes from a family filled with the moving gene. "I started moving furniture when I was 15 years old," Inman recalls. "A builder by trade, my father began delivering retail furniture… Read More

Giant Alum: Pat Andrus, Former Allston Piano Manager

Pat Andrus is the embodiment of a Gentle Giant. While his body builder physique makes even the heaviest pianos seem lightweight, his approach to piano moving is gentle, calm and confident. Pat grew up in Gloucester, MA, the nation's oldest… Read More

Giant Alum: Hunter Gates, Former Training Manager

When Hunter Gates was job searching back in 2004, he focused his search on companies that would keep him active and interested. As luck would have it, he stumbled upon a job listing to join Gentle Giant's team of Boston… Read More

Meet the Giants: Recruitment Manager Craig Averett

Our recruitment manager, Craig Averett, answered a Gentle Giant newspaper ad saying “Athletes Wanted” after graduating from Westfield State in 2002, and has been part of the GG team ever since. Craig's first year with Gentle Giant movers in Massachusetts… Read More